Flash Chromatography Frits & Support

Flash chromatography is a rapid purification technique. BioVyon™ materials are an excellent resin support for flash chromatography columns as they can be designed to ensure of no breakthrough of the finer resins typically used in this application.


  • Machined discs & shapes
  • Rotary cut discs

Plastic Material

  • BiovyonTM  HDPE
  • BiovyonTM UHMWPE
  • BiovyonTM Oleo/Hydophobic
  • BiovyonTM Hydrophilic

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent frit-to-frit consistency
  • Porvair frits have extremely low leachables and low particle shedding
  • Can be sterilised by ethylene oxide and gamma radiation to industry standards
  • Rigid and easy to assemble in mass production
  • Manufactured to tight tolerances with an excellent edge finish ensures an optimum fit into your column or plate.
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