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  Compare one way truck rental offers - drive your moving truck one way cross country and drop it off!
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Benefits To Using One Way Truck Rental


Whether you are moving down the block or across the country, moving is never an enjoyable process. A one way truck rental can be used by anyone looking to move, but it is typically used by someone who is going long-distance. It makes things much easier and extremely convenient throughout the process. Here are a few benefits to a one way moving truck rental.

The number one benefit of a one way truck rental is that you can conveniently drop it off at a location nearby. Most people who rent one way trucks are looking for something they can use long-distance. No one wants to drive all the way across the country and then drive the truck back to the starting point.

Having one way truck allows you to pick it up at a location close to the home you are moving from and then drop it off near where you are moving to. Most moving companies will provide you with a location to drop it off at or a number that you can call to set up where you will be dropping it off at. This makes for a quick and painless move.

The next benefit of using a one way truck rental is that you will be given plenty of time to move. Depending on the company and the distance you will be travelling, it is not out of the ordinary for you to be given a 3-5 days to move. This gives you plenty of leeway when it comes to the big move.

With this extra time, you can actually pick the truck up a day before you were planning on moving and begin early. Pack a few things the night before and slap a padlock onto the truck for protection that way you can spread the move out and make things easy on yourself. There is no point in overloading yourself when you have more than enough time to make the move.

The final benefit to using a one way truck rental is that most places will provide you with discount rates depending on the distance. If you are going to be travelling all across the country, you can find a budget truck rental. Even if it is just outside of the state you can typically pick up some extra miles for free or find a larger truck at a discounted price.

Between the discounted rates and the convenience of dropping it off close to your new location, it is more than worth it to find a trustworthy company that can provide you with a one way truck rental.

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